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Chris Wu

Release date:

iOS: March 1, 2023


iOS 16.2 and above

App Description

Please Don’t Rain is a fun, convenient way to track whether rain (or snow) will affect a day that’s important to you. Many weather apps are great for seeing the weather for today and for the next several days, but they’re not so great for continuing to keep track of a particular day.

Why did I build this?

When I had a theme park day coming up I really only cared about what the weather was going to be on that particular day. I found myself looking up the weather for the same day at a particular location over and over again (thinking “Please don’t rain!”). The whole process was cumbersome and I couldn’t find a more efficient way to do it. So an app idea was born.

Who is this app for?

Anyone that wants a fun, convenient way to track if precipitation will affect a day that’s important to them.


  • 99% SwiftUI
  • WeatherKit
  • Swift Charts with audiograph support
  • Widgets (Lock Screen and home screen)
  • Images by DALL·E 2
  • Dark Mode Support

Pro Features

  • Beautiful Cartoon Images - A variety of choices for each weather type that will automatically update to match the predicted weather.

  • Widgets - Multiple Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets. Track precipitation with a glance.

  • Automatic Updates – Automated forecast updates for your selected day will be reflected in the app and widgets.

  • Alternate App Icons - Fun alternatives.

Free Features

  • Privacy First! - The app does not know your location, need your location, or ask for your location.

  • Weather Statistics - Temperature, precipitation chance, precipitation amounts, UV Index, wind, sunrise, and sunset data for your selected day.

  • Weather Alerts – If the app finds weather alerts for the currently specified location then it will provide a link to them for more details.

  • Hourly Precipitation Charts – If precipitation is predicted on your selected day then hourly charts can display either the percent chance or predicted amount for each hour of the day. The charts support audio graphs.

  • Accessibility – Voiceover, dynamic text, and audio graph support.

  • No advertising in the free or Pro version.

  • Clean and playful design.

  • Dark Mode support (can be automatic).

  • Numerous settings to configure the user interface.

  • English (USA) and German language support.

Price (in USD):

1 year$2.99
3 months$0.99


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