In my last post I discussed my experience with my first ever WWDC lab. This is a collection of some of the tips I learned about Xcode during that lab.

These would have made a great blog post but this blog didn’t exist then so c’est la vie. Here’s what I Tweeted about the tips at the time. Note: A lot of these Tweets have multiple parts so if one interests you make sure you view the full Twitter thread attached to that Tweet!

If you haven’t seen the comments that Paris Xavier Pinkney added in Tip #9 make sure to check them out. Next level debugging tips!

Tip #1 - Minimap

The minimap can give you an overhead view of your code that lets you quickly jump to a different section.

Tip #2 - Edit in Scope

You can easily rename something where only relevant items are renamed.

Tip #3 - Code folding ribbon

Very few things I’ve posted about on Twitter have gotten as much attention as this post about Xcode’s code folding ribbon. I mentioned this during my lab and one of the engineers said she had worked on this feature! 😃 It is so handy.

Tip #4 - Rename controls

Tip #5 - Control over where files open.

This one eliminated much frustration from me.

Tip #6 - Keyboard shortcuts for jumping to Xcode different areas

Tip #7 - Keyboard shortcut to jump to parts of the current file

Tip #8 - Pause your app for debugging

Tip #9 - Fine control over breakpoint actions

Tying sounds to a debugging breakpoint can have benefits you might not have considered.

This Tweet started a conversation where Paris showed us some fascinating use cases for this.

Tip #10 - Environment Overrides


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